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Our remarkable history
began almost two hundreds years ago...

Our History

Built as an inn nearly two centuries ago, the hotel was established for the purpose of providing comfortable and convivial accommodation for those having business in the area. The Ashburnham Hotel inherits the name from the Earl of Ashburnham.

Pembrey was generally dominated by the Ashburnham family; the Earl lived at Pembrey house until the 1920s. The family's wealth was substantially drawn from Pembrey; as late as 1873 the Earl owned 7,568 acres in Wales.

Amelia Earhart Stayed at the Ashburnham Hotel in 1928!
You can book your stay in our dedicated Amelia room.

Amelia Earhart Landing in Burry Port Harbour 1928

Just after noon on 18 June 18 1928, inhabitants of the nearby town of Burry Port in Carmarthenshire caught the heavy drone of aircraft engines. Looking skywards they were soon able to pick out the graceful lines of a small orange aeroplane making its way to them. The aircraft, named "Friendship," landed in the Loughor estuary and just after 12.40pm.

Inside the aeroplane was Miss Amelia Earhart who became the first woman ever to fly across the Atlantic ocean. Amelia Earhart was not the only person on board; with her in the plane were the pilot Wilmer Stultz and mechanic Lou Gordon, who had intended to leave Burry Port that same night, heading on to Southampton. However, they postponed their departure and spent the night in the Ashburnham Hotel.

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